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Highland Park Challenge

2008 Results

1) Leigh Schmitt        M35                     52:51
2) Derek Beard    M36                     54:21
3) Ben Thompson *             M52        (*Contested)                        54:30
4) Ross Krause                     M28                           54:54
5) Bill Julian *      M47        (*Contested)                        55:25
6) Amy Nedeau         F33        (4th overall finisher, 1st  woman)       55:27
7) Marc Guillaume                M36        (5th overall finisher)             55:30
8) Ned James *                     M53        (*Contested)                        55:37
9) Michael Townsley           M39        (6th overall finisher)             55:38
10) Chris Dickerson             M42        (7th, 1st Master)                     55:40
11) Paul Cacolice                  M43                     55:50
12) Garth Shaneyfelt            M35                     57:15
13) Chris Corradino              M35                     58:40
14) John Burke             M42                     1:02:28
15) JoEllen Cameron          F44         (1st Master’s female)           1:03:08
16) Robert Wilson                M40                     1:04:01
17) Thomas Parker               M41                     1:04:24
18) Jeff Reynolds                 M40                     1:04:45
19) Kevin McCaffrey           M51                     1:04:51
20) John Reino                M44                     1:05:08
21) Rick Scott              M54                     1:05:14
22) Ed Buckley             M50                     1:05:22
23) Rich Caracciolo              M45                     1:06:01
24) Ben Bensen                    M56                     1:06:11
25) Andrew Condron           M44        (returns to the Valley)        1:09:15
26) Sean Lavoine                  M32                     1:10:12
27) Jeremy Bonnett              M34                     1:10:15
28) Ivan Chow    M50                     1:10:22
29) Kate Naples                   F40                      1:10:32
30) Kevin Eddings               M52                     1:11:23
31) Gregory Shearer             M42                     1:11:35
32) Paul Hake                      M26                     1:12:19
33) Tom Davidson               M37                     1:12:41
34) Jim Farrick      M44                     1:15:23
35) Philip Hempstead           M 8         (Future He-Man!!!)             1:16:45
36) Harry Hayward               M56                     1:16:58
37) Vic La Port    M67                     1:20:09
38) Darlene McCarthy        F46                      1:20:35
39) Alan Cabot                     M53                     1:21:03
40) Rachel Dymon               F37                     1:22:30
41) Lauren Pierce                F23                      1:23:05
42) Deb Anderson                F33                     1:23:22
43) Jeanette Voas               F50                     1:23:35
44) Mike Duffy                     M56                     1:25:49
45) Edith Burek                    F50                      1:29:38
46) Kimberley Bruno           F24                      1:30:06
47) Desmond Cavaan          M43                    1:30:54
48) David Boles                    M61                     1:31:44
49) Stephen Burek                M51                     1:32:09
50) Carl Cignoni                    M57                     1:37:56
51) Linda Cohen                  F38                      1:37:57
52) Hillary Friedman          F22                      1:38:18



Barney Collins
Amy McCarthy
Samantha McCarthy
Michael Hempstead

Race Re-cap

Sunday, April 27th was an awesome day for a trail run. Cool, slightly overcast conditions met the nearly 60 runners as they toed the line to start the inaugural Highland Park Challenge in Greenfield . Anticipation was running high as athletes anxiously awaited the assault on the notorious, steep climbs of the course.

Within 25 minutes after the start of the race, the two leading runners came into view as they neared completion of the first of two laps. Leigh Schmitt and Barney Collins were running stride for stride. I’ve run with Barney and he is an awesome runner, but something seemed amiss. Leigh Schmitt is truly in his own league when it comes to difficult trail running. As the two approached, it became clear what happened. Barney DQ’ed himself saying he missed a turn at some point and had run off course. It turns out, he was not the only one. Numerous runners had missed a turn on their first loop of the course if not both loops, taking at least 1/3 of a mile off the distance run. As a first time race director, this hit me like a bucket of ice water over the head. Immediate and overwhelming disappointment and frustration clouded my mind.

These results represent the order in which runners crossed the line and the times in which they did so. Whether or not they stayed on course doesn’t matter. Everyone ran their heart out. (Some just did so over a greater distance) Everyone also seemed to have enjoyed themself. Despite the course fiasco, the day was a success. SMAC was VERY well represented, both by its runners and many volunteers. Compliments and positive vibes were exchanged as the race came to a close and people went their separate ways.

Thank you again to everyone involved,
See you again next year!
Jeff Hansen


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